1964 New York World’s Fair
Mitchell Styling Corvette

Chevrolet was famous for its radical dream cars, like the Mitchell Stingray and XP-819. In 1964, Chevrolet decided to build a less radical creation for auto shows and the World’s Fair of New York. This fuel-injected coupe was transferred from the assembly line in St. Louis and modified by the Tech Center as Shop Order #10361. This was just not any normal 1964 Corvette. It started its life as a Red L-84 Fuel Injection Coupe, with the transformation completed as a styling exercise to showcase future Corvette production enhancements. Larry Shinoda lent his talents to the effort and added styling queues such as the rear brake vents (purely cosmetic) and the special side inset fiberglass treatments. The car has the famous Mitchell Styling polished stainless toe board grills, one of a kind handmade emblems and an extra large special cast egg crate grill. The ribbed cover of the Fuel Injection unit has a special cast cover that extends the top of the unit through the hood, the hood was filled and modified to the later 1965 cleaner look. The engine compartment was custom finished and heavily coated in Chrome trim.

Special Features include:

■ Enlarged grille opening.
■ special large side exhaust machined
   from a solid stainless steel casting
■ special show car side mirrors and
   special hood cut-out.
■ 16 coats of gold-base candy apple red
    acquer paint with matching interior.
■ The seat backs have been extended to
    incorporate a headrest. The
    console is completely covered in
    matching iridescent Red leather.

■ The door panels are finished in the
    same iridescent leather and
    complemented by brushed stainless
    steel panels. Inset in the panels are
    sequentially operated flashing marker
    lights, actuated by the turn signals.

■ The vent windows contain Plexiglas
    inserts (Later styling cars also
    featured Power vents, this one did not).